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We like to be very open and transparent with you about what we use and where our goods come from. We are proud makers and are continually aiming for the best in our craft in order to provide you with valuable and lasting products as well as caring for our environment. We believe in the quality of our chosen materials and are committed to share it with you. 

Our fabrics are mainly coming to us directly from a traditional family operated mill in England, that has been producing fabric since the 1800s. They are truly experts in what they do. The fabric of our bags is an organic waxed canvas and water repellent as well as long lasting and extremely sturdy.

Our linen we are sourcing from different old mills in England. The linings of our bags is 100% cotton but due to the way it is made, it is water repellant and a heavy quality. 

Depending on the small batches that we design, we are also handpicking canvas and natural cotton from our local family operated wholesaler.

All our hardware is sourced from Germany. We only use high quality YKK zippers for all our bags that are specifically made to length by a small family business.

As for our leather, we mainly use vegetable tanned leather from our leather supplier close by, where we handpick certain skins for our small batches. Leather is part of the circular economy. It is very important to us, that no animal is killed for the skin. The raw hides that are used for the tanning, are discarded by the food industry. Therefore their "waste" is converted into renewable material. Many of the substances during the tanning process are recovered, recycled and reused in different fields. And also, a vegetable-tanned product can easily be disposed of at the end of its life.

The ink that we use for all the prints is non-toxic, vegan and certified with the "Ökotex-Standard 100".

All our paper goods are printed on recycled or natural paper.

 For our packaging and shipping we try to use recycled materials as much as possible. Most of our goods are packed in their own dust bags or in recycled wrapping paper.



Our bags are made for everyday use. Try them out, adventure them! The reason why we carefully choose our materials is because we believe that a product is only as good as the material & craftsmanship that is put into it.

Most of our bags are water-repellant (please always read the product info carefully) and do very well in any outdoor activity. They are made to serve you wherever you go and whatever adventures are ahead.The waxed canvas fabric that we use is treated in a special way and therefore should not be machine washed. You can wipe it clean with a damp cloth, if you wish to clean it.

As for all our printed products, we advise gentle hand wash or just a good wipe with a damp cloth. As for all home textiles, you will find the caring instructions on a little tag attached to it.

The vegetable tanned leather will age beautifully with time and develop a unique patina. We can recommend to wax the leather before the first use with the product of your choice. It will protect the surface from water and potential stains.