VARA: Vamarasi Design black//offwhite
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VARA: Vamarasi Design black//offwhite

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There are things in our life that we need all the time - they just have to come along wherever we go.Those little things need a "home" as we travel, as we work, as we go on adventures.

VARA [to be in need of something] can take up that job! All the little things like your cosmetic stuff but even cables, adapters and also small items find its place in this little fellow. Some of our customers even use it as a small diaper bag on the go.

This bag has a special design and is handprinted in our studio. We would like to share with you the special story behind the VAMARASI Design:
VAMARASI is the first name of our beloved grandmother - we call her "mapiga"- in Fiji. She is celebrating this year a hundred years of life and we are truly grateful for her sunny character, dedication to her family and how she lived a life of untiring love and care for her husband and 13 children as well as countless grandchildren. That is why we have dedicated our very first handprinted design to her.

Appr. size: 23x16x6cm.

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